Great Wolf Lodge

Design, illustration, layout

I love it when I get a challenge and this project was just that. Great Wolf Lodge was featured on and they were offering some pretty steep discounts. My task was to create marketing materials to drive sales to the Great Wolf Lodge page on the vast zulily website. The tricky part was how to communicate the specific limitations of these deals. They were only offered in specific locations, in specific rooms and in particular combinations of days of the week the customer checks in and dates they were valid. Super confusing for the customer shopping if not communicated correctly! I think we did a pretty good job though. We used color coding and state graphics to make it clearer. Below are a few of the assets.

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KettleWerks Thanksgiving Promo Postcard


So excited to work with KettleWerks on their thanksgiving promotional materials! KettleWerks is the product of two amazing artists coming together to create finely crafted food, product and lifestyle imagery in Seattle, Washington. Masters of photography and lighting as well as styling, these guys couldn’t produce a bad image if they tried!

ThxGivingCard_Front ThxGivingCard_Back